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If you are looking for big domain lists. then youve come to the right website. We provide a simple domain database service to the public. Our master domain name database, is a huge list of domain names in plain text format, available for immediate download via http basic auth. The total domain count which is currently in the millions of top level domains, is increasing daily.

A service fee for one time access to this file is $49.99, we also have monthly and yearly membership options for those seeking continual access. We believe that it is a bargain compared to the other options out there, other websites who charge $199-$499 for comparable databases.

The data comes from multiple sources, zone data is aquired and integrated, updates are polled and updates are published daily. Subcribe now and benefit from regular unlimited access to our domain name data feed. Once payment has been recieved, and after we validate your payment. You will recieve an email from us containing instructions and authentication credentials.

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